An Update from the Creative Coding Class

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Today marks the start of a new unit in Creative Coding in which we explore a variety of different ways that programming can interact both inside and outside of the computer. An example of a project that would fit into this unit comes from last year’s Making the Future class. A student created a game in which the player is being interrogated and upon answering questions incorrectly the player would be “zapped” through a bracelet.

A game project that a student created, using his favorite game as inspiration.
A game project that a student created, using his favorite game as inspiration.

In the previous unit, the students learned the basics of programming and used their knowledge to create projects they were interested in. We saw a variety of projects including a video game in which the player controlled a broom and had to sweep up as much dirt as possible. One student, worked on creating a simulation of a solar system with controls to allow many different planets and even give them their own moons! Other projects ranged from implementations of John Conway’s Game of Life to an elevator simulator to a project showcasing the flags of different countries.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 6.10.49 PM
Student’s Game titled, “Wizard Battle”, inspired by her love of the Harry Potter books.

Being able to pick their own projects has not only helped intrinsically motivate the students, but has led to projects they have invested countless hours in perfecting while learning and applying concepts from Math, Science, and Art. As we move into the new unit, some students are already expressing how much they want to create a program using the Xbox Kinect after being inspired by this youtube video. In addition, this semester’s students have been challenged to make interactions that people have never seen before.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!