MRunner is a cross platform game where you are navigating an intense level and only by running, jumping, sliding, climbing, and using a whole bunch of wild power ups can you track down the missing “databits”. These databits will restore the world to its former harmony through color and music. More….

Type: Contract Work, Game Design, Game Programming

Ouroboros Puzzle Battle

Ouroboros Puzzle Battle is a strategic, 2-player puzzle game in which each player attempts to leave the other with no pieces.  To accomplish this feat players are supplied with a collection of skills including a short ranged dash, a blast that repels, and a quick way to straighten your tail.  Additionally, players can tactfully combine alike pieces for improvements to speed, rotation, and their devouring cooldown time. More….

Type: Contest Entry, Game Design, Game Programming

Chompsky, Terror of the Depths

Chompsky, Terror of the Depths Is a character design for the popular MOBA game League of Legends.  Chompsky was designed to be a high spell damage assassin with the ability to purge buffs and debuffs from champions.  He excels at providing high burst damage with some support during group encounters.  However he is weak if caught and his long cooldowns make him susceptible to self sustaining champions. More….

Type: Game Design

Care Bear Warriors: Peace and Love!

The evil wizard No Heart is at it again, harnessing the Black Heart of Hatred to infect the world with his Sinister Shadows causing World War I. It is up to you to lead the Care Bears to the battlefield and persuade the warriors to start caring by employing the power of love!   More….

Type: Contest Entry, Game Design

Panda Bomb

The Panda Guardian has enjoyed his lengthy slumber, deep inside the moon, since his last defense of Earth during the Ice Age.  That is, until evil aliens from the outlying Galaxy arrive hoping to enslave the people of Earth to build their new galactic empire.  It is up to you to assist the Panda Guardian in collecting elements to replenish his powers and defeat the evil aliens. More….

Type: Game Design, Game Programming

Nut Frenzy

The time for hibernation is drawing near and Butch has been too busy practicing his ninjitsu to collect enough nuts to survive. After leaving his burrow he can sense that something isn’t right since there are no acorns in sight. Explore the forest and uncover what is really going on while helping Butch acquire the sustenance required for hibernation. More….

Type: Game Design, Game Programming

Rumble in Da Jungle

A religious war erupts between two differing tribes over a “lack of goats” when the time of sacrifice is near. The player controls the tribal warrior Erkhul as he embarks on his quest of bloodlust. Erkhul is not content with only retrieving goats from the infidel Woonzolo tribe; he must exact dominance over those he considers worthless. More….

Type: Game Design, Game Programming

Red Moon

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Type: Game Design, Game Programming