Chompsky, Terror of the Depths

Character Synopsis:  Chompsky, Terror of the Depths Is a character design for the popular MOBA game League of Legends.  Chompsky was designed to be a high spell damage assassin with the ability to purge buffs and debuffs from champions.  He excels at providing high burst damage with some support during group encounters.  However he is weak if caught and his long cooldowns make him susceptible to self-sustaining champions.

Project Summary:  I created a short draft of a champion idea I had been thinking about and included it within a design test I’d taken for Riot.   I was asked to expand upon that outline which led to the birth of this character design document.  I was later given feedback on the design, which I used in creating a second iteration of the character.


  • Acknowledged by and worked with Design Director at Riot to make revisions to character’s design.