February: Game Design-A-Day Challenge

Type: News

I have a lot of artists as friends on Facebook and I consistently see at least one of them doing a Drawing-A-Day thing.  I’ve often pondered how I could do something like this for myself being as I’m not an artist and seeing that programming usually takes more than a day to accomplish anything decent.  So I developed a training exercise in game design.

I participate in a number of game jams, most recently the Global Game Jam, and have enjoyed that burst of creativity when the theme of the jam is revealed.  Thus, for my Design-A-Day Challenge, I will be using a theme word for each concept.  I remembered back in college a friend of mine would study the word of the day, so I decided to base my concept themes off Dictionary.com’s word of the day.  I plan to document my entire design process, from initial brainstorming with a tablet (so I can put it in a document) to a document detailing the full concept.

Hopefully along the way I will discover a better design process or see some sort of evolution in the ease at which a word inspires more thoughts in my head.  I’ll make sure to post a new design each day or possibly a grouping of designs per week, I’m not really worried about that right now though.


Game Design-A-Day Challenge:

  • Use Dictionary.com’s word a day as theme
  • Document design from brainstorm -> full concept
  • Goal: Improve my design skills
  • Goal: Have interesting projects to work on