Linus Engine

Project Synopsis: The Linus Engine is a small API built primarily for quickly creating 2D game prototypes or game mechanics testing. The engine has features for quickly creating GUIs, keeping track of entities, handling sound, and input from standard devices. It was later extended to integrate LUA Scripting, 3D models, animations, and terrain generation.

Project Summary: The Linus Engine was my foray into the world of game engine design and programming. I was interested in learning how to build a simple backend that would assist in creating games quicker for both school and private projects.

I originally set out to incorporate the few DirectX classes as well as some simple objects I could reuse. As I learned more about engines I expanded it to include an FMOD audio wrapper, simple buttons and panel GUI system, an entity manager, 3D model viewer with animations, and a terrain generator.


  • Engine eliminated my need to copy and paste the same header files into new school projects.
  • Successfully integrated FMOD Audio, entity manager, 2D/3D graphics using DirectX, GUI creator, and standard input into a reusable system.