Maker Academy




Building a successful Maker program in a school or institution can be a complex process. We have experience establishing programs from the ground up at International Schools and supporting hundreds of educators around the world to plan, integrate, build and sustain Maker Learning programs that are unique to their context and needs. 

The Maker Academy offers professional learning programs and micro-credentials for classroom teachers, learning specialists, and leaders that want to learn how to establish Making as a powerful philosophy, pedagogy, and practice in their classrooms, schools or institutions.

Project summary

As part of my work at Consilience, I led the design and creation of the Maker Academy professional development program. There is an urgent need in education for relevant professional development that support teachers in using Constructionism in the classroom. There are many who look at the Maker Movement as “purchasing a bunch of stuff for a room in a school”, which is not the case. This catalog of support services, workshops, and consulting provided much needed clarity on the benefits to student learning that Constructionism provides. Content and examples were tailored to classroom teachers and adapted based on the attendees to provide an experience that would equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to hit the ground running on Day 1.

The Maker Academy has worked with 200+ teachers from 20+ schools.



Roles & Responsibilities

As Director of Maker Learning and lead on this project, my roles and responsibilities included:

  • Assessing the needs of schools internationally and designing our catalog of services to provide solutions.
  • Designing all marketing materials including our Maker Learning Catalog and Maker Learning Website
  • Planning and facilitating all in-person workshops and consultations.
  • Producing detailed reports and deliverables to support schools in continuing their growth. 


The Maker Learning workshop that I attended in February 2019 was my first experience with Consilience Learning. I can confidently state that it will not be my last. The course began with Linus sharing a well developed rationale for the necessity of Maker Learning in contemporary education. This rationale provided the foundation for the course which allowed the participants to fully grasp the importance of what we were learning and why.

I was particularly impressed by the scaffolded content and the constant hands-on learning opportunities that were a part of the curriculum. This year, the International School of Dakar is building a new Design/Innovation center and I am thoroughly excited to share what I learned at the Maker Learning workshop with both teachers and students.

Dr. Nneka Johnson
Director of Innovation
The International School of Dakar

This was a great experience. It was tough to commit to 4 full days at the starting week of school but I tried to balance this out. The scaffolding and input sessions were carefully balanced with long chunks of open-ended time to put our ideas into action with a range and variety of skills and materials. I hope to make this a broader conversation with the teachers in my division. There are lots of opportunities for us to build Making into our work in the ECC that would be meaningful and purposeful and this workshop has inspired me to start this conversation with the team.

Thanks Linus, you were fab – inspiring, supportive and good humoured!”

Sarah Marshall
Head of Early Childhood
International School of Brussels

I valued the exposure to new concepts through active learning exercises that challenged me but also helped reinforce my understanding and appreciation of the need to strategically embed maker learning into our students’ educational experience at all levels. The multiple examples of the various forms of integration after each concept were especially enriching.

Linus’ instructional approach is exceptional; he is a natural coach and treasure-chest of knowledge and skill. We greatly appreciate his ideas, support and leadership! What an inspiration to us all!

I plan to advocate for instructional time, space, materials and specialized faculty to promote maker learning at all levels of the school – to all stakeholders: the Board of Trustees, administrators, educators, faculty, parents and students. Promote related training opportunities not only for CAG educators but also for others in Guatemala. Tell the story of CAG’s journey through initial steps of maker learning to promote awareness and appreciation.

Leadership Team Member – American School of Guatemala