Maker Minds

Type: Education

If you are seeking to equip, engage, and empower students to learn through Making, Maker Minds is for you. This book will support you to build & sustain a Maker culture and Maker practices that meet your students’ needs to learn through making. Based on their work at Re.D Studio (the Research and Development department at The American School of Bombay), the authors of Maker Minds share insights, practices, and resources that have been developed at our school. You can take the insights, practices, and resources and use them to build Maker minds in your context.

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This book was co-authored with our team at the American School of Bombay and documents the methods, experiences, and structures we created to build a culture around Making. The book spans the work we did K-12 and explores how we developed maker experiences at different skill levels across a multitude of formal/informal programs. There is a sense of progression that is visible in the book showing our journey from inspiration to implementation.

At the time of publication, there were very few resources written from a formal education context for Maker and Constructionist Educators to learn from. In addition to documenting our journey, this book was written with the purpose of equipping educators interested in using this type of pedagogy in their classrooms.