Ouroboros Puzzle Battle

Game Synopsis: Ouroboros Puzzle Battle is a strategic, 2-player puzzle game in which each player attempts to leave the other with no pieces.  To accomplish this feat players are supplied with a collection of skills including a short ranged dash, a blast that repels, and a quick way to straighten your tail.  Additionally, players can tactfully combine alike pieces for improvements to speed, rotation, and their devouring cooldown time.

Project Summary: I’ve always been a fan of game jams and wanted another attempt at completing a game for Global Game Jam.  I was luckily paired with two other talented people who we interested in developing the design I had created.  The theme of the Global Game Jam 2012 was Ouroboros.

Initially, the game was meant to be single player but as we got to know each other we discovered each other’s love for competitiveness.  We thusly changed the game to be two players as well as changing some of the objectives to fit with a two-player game.  The prototype was completed in about 25 hours with 10 or so hours of polish and play testing.  We spent very close attention to developing the “fun” aspect of the game.  At the end of the jam, we were all happy with what we had.

You can read my Global Game Jam 2012 post here.


  • Received kudo award for “Most literal interpretation of the Theme”.
  • Successfully created a Global Game Jam game with a team of strangers.
  • Game was heralded by those who played it as a modern “thumb wrestling”-style game.