Student R&D Workshops

Type: News

As mentioned in a previous post, one of the goals of the Student R&D Maker Task Force is to create, test, and evaluate Maker activities. On that front, this semester’s group is focusing on diversifying the types of making done in the maker space, exposing new students to making, and demonstrating ways making can lead to greater understanding. With this in mind, Student R&D has planned a variety of workshops ranging from introductions to tools in the maker space to 3-hour project builds.

In our first workshop, held last week, the students of our Student R&D: Maker Task force invited their peers to learn more about the 3D Pens using the newest version from 3Doodler. Our Student R&D members started the workshop by guiding students to choose from a variety of stencils, followed by explaining the different buttons of the 3Doodler as well as common troubleshooting techniques. Afterwards, an exploratory session of drawing, making mistakes, and rejoicing at final projects took place.

Student R&D had a few takeaways after this workshop. Students really love the hipster glasses and lunch is a good time to hold this type of tool introduction workshop. Most of the students that attended during 1st lunch came back the minute 2nd lunch started. In addition, a few students mentioned that the video we created about 3D pens made them excited. These sorts of videos show students what they can expect and what’s possible. It also may have contributed to the hipster glasses trend.