Laser-Cutting Workshops

The Student R&D Maker Task Force has been exploring new concepts in making, programming and other technologies, and using their learnings to create workshops for other High School students. The goals in creating and running these workshops are to introduce students to ways the tools in the maker space can be used, to diversify the types of making done and to demonstrate the importance of making through projects.

Student R&D Team examines the laser cutter's settings.
Student R&D Team examines the laser cutter’s settings.

Inspired by the SAISA Art Festival New Media and Stencil Art workshops, the Student R&D Maker Task Force is exploring the types of activities they can run using the stencil and laser cutters. The task force started by first creating projects of their own. This required learning and testing different image editing softwares to understand how images had to be prepared for cutting. In addition, they practiced cutting on a variety of materials, each of which required different settings on the laser cutter.

The Student R&D Maker Task Force’s laser cutter workshop will task students to work together to create a laser cut piece that will later be added to a collage. Students will find digital images of their favorite characters, icons, and other things that inspire them. They will then use an image editor like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Pixlr to edit the image in preparation for laser cutting and etching. The Student R&D team will be on hand to support the use of the image editing software and laser cutter.

We hope this workshop will inspire students to use the laser cutter more for creating art, prototypes, and push the boundaries of what can be done with it. Stay tuned.

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