I’m always on the lookout for new technology, below you will find lists of languages, APIs and software I’ve used in projects. The skill rating demonstrates how comfortable I am with them currently and the short description indicates how or how often I use(d) them.
(Columns can be sorted by clicking on labels)

LanguageSkill RatingUsage
C\C++4/5Extensive use in many game development projects.
XML4/5Used mainly in Rumble in Da Jungle and past Flash projects to store data
AS33/5Used for development of two websites and with flixel for prototyping
C#3/5Extensive Use through many projects
ASM(Intel)2/5Little use, mainly studied to understand low level architecture
Lua2/5Used once for use scripting in Linus Engine
Python2/5Currently learning Python for use understanding AI concepts
HTML/CSS2/5Used infrequently but easy to understand
Java2/5Taught class with it but not commonly used
UnrealScript2/5Used for Red Moon and taught a bit at camp
PHP1/5Created small scripts, not much use, seems easy

DirectXPrimary graphics API used in many of my projects
OpenGLUsed with GLUT for easily displaying information
FMODUsed once in Linus Engine
FlixelUsed once for Flash game jam
Boostshared_ptr and BOOST_FOREACH

SoftwareSkill RatingUsage
Word5/5All documentation, I've been called the master of tables
MacVim4/5Used for all OpenGL, OS X, and general coding
Unity3D4/5I love Unity
Visual Studio4/5Used for all Direct X and Windows Coding
Unreal Engine3/5Used in Red Moon and taught at camp
Photoshop3/5Wonderful for editing art for documentation
Flash3/5Created some tweens, webpages and webcam program in college with Flash
gcc3/5Used for all C++ non-Windows specific coding
Illustrator3/5Used for creating diagrams and art for documentation
Microsoft Project3/5Used to keep track of team deadlines and milestones during internship
Xcode2/5Compiled GameSalad iPhone apps and some Objective-C